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Study in Australia

“The Land of the Golden Fleece,” Australia has plenty to offer students who want to study here. From great opportunities to a good and comfortable lifestyle and lots to see, explore, and engage in, Australia is a great place.

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world. It is a developed nation and is highly cosmopolitan in nature. The country is a melting pot of many different races, origins, cultures, and traditions. It is said that people from over 200 nations have made Australia their home and are living here in perfect harmony. The country is very welcoming and hospitable and this reflects very strongly in its culture and students who come here to study can identify with that and feel right at home.

There’s plenty to do and see here. It is filled with great beaches, plenty of floras and fauna and many sightseeing spots and experiences that are unique to Australia. And yes, the weather is pleasant all year-round with mild winters and hot summers.

Australia- A student destination

Australia is a very popular hub for international students. In fact, of the Top 100 universities from all over the world, 8 universities are in Australia. There are over 1100 institutions offering a whopping 22,000 courses!

And it doesn’t end here. The country is home to 5 of the 30 best cities in the world that are ideal for students. They include, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. And yes the Australian government has set aside huge grants in the form of international scholarships given out to qualified, deserving students.

Study in Australia- Engage with scope student services

If you want to study in Australia, Scope Student Services offers a range of services and in a nutshell, they include:

Get a new student visa

Scope Student Services has a sister concern- Scope Migration Services. And since the business is established in the visa and migrations area, and the fact that we are recognized MARA agents, Scope Migration Services can assist you and help you every which way. We can help collect the required documents, determine what is required, sharing a checklist of documents required for student visa submissions, checking, verifying, counselling, advising, and answering any and all queries students may have and then finally putting together the required documents.

Accordingly, on your behalf, Scope Student Services will represent you before the DIBP department.


As Scope Student Services is accredited and established in our area of service, we engage with many universities across Australia. And so, if students want or seek any scholarship information, or want to know how to go about applying for one, our student counsellors will help you apply for one, in your chosen college or university.

Change courses- change providers

It is natural that after enrolling in a particular course, students’ don’t want to continue in the course or want to change or shift to another course or stream. And since this is a common phenomenon, Scope Student Services has all the exposure and the expertise to handle this and help students change providers and settle down into their new study domain or area of interest.

Extend your stay

If your course isn’t completed or if you need to stay longer in the country, and if your student visa is due to expire in sometime, then Scope Student Services will extend all the help we can and help you get a visa extension.

In addition, some of the other key reasons why students from overseas prefer to make Australia their place of study would be:

  • The large selection of courses made available
  • Neat and interesting teaching styles
  • A well-planned education system
  • Plenty of specialised courses, and colleges and institutions offering them
  • Great opportunities for R&D and the scientific research quality is really advanced
  • An Australian degree is accepted worldwide and has a great global acceptance
  • Diverse, cosmopolitan, multicultural, multi-ethnicity communities
  • A peaceful and safe place to reside, study and work in on a future note
  • Plenty of places to explore and see and many interesting things and activities to do here
  • Students can take on part-time work while studying. And there’s good flexibility to work for up to 40 hours a fortnight when the semester is in progress. And students can work up to 40 hours in between holidays and semester breaks.