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Student Visa

To be able to study in Australia, you should hold a valid Australian student visa.

The Australian student visa requirements that you need to furnish to the DIBP- Department of Immigration and Border Protection include:

  • Financial requisites
  • GTE- Genuine Temporary Entrant requisites
  • English language proficiency requisites
  • Character and health requisites

Before applying for a Student visa, you will first have to fill out a form, pay the requisite via fees, attend an interview, and then await granting of the student visa.

Australia Student visa requirements in detail:

What is GTE? - Conforming to GTE

GTE or the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement necessitates that the visa applicant should most definitely prove and show a legitimate intent to reside in Australia for a temporary period solely for studying purpose. GTE is also applicable to dependents, be it a spouse or a child who accompanies the student visa applicant.

Accordingly, before issuing the visa, the DIBP will weigh in these factors:

  • What is the state of affairs in the student's native country?
  • What are the possible conditions made available for students in Australia?
  • How good is the course opted for? Does it have a good future and is it job-worthy?
  • Consider past or present immigration history, if any.
  • And other relevant aspects will be considered.

Financial requisites

The student should furnish all details pertaining to sufficient funds being made available so as to be able to pay the tuition fees, travel, and living costs too. The financial details can be bank balance details, fixed deposit receipts, student loan details and more.

English language proficiency

If the student applicant is not a native English speaker or from an English-speaking country, then the student will have to prove that the student can converse in basic English at least.

For this the tests to be taken include the TOEFL, IELTS, iBT, PTE-Pearson Test of English, CAE- Academic, and Cambridge Advanced English.

Health requirements

  • All student visa holders will have to undergo the mandatory medical health check-up so as to determine if the student is in good health. Keep in mind, if the student applicant is training to be a nurse, doctor, or even a dentist, the health check-up applies even more
  • Students from any and all countries excepting Norway or Belgium have to avail the OSHC- Overseas Student Health Cover
  • This can be bought at the University itself or from authorised providers
  • The OSHC cost depends on the coverage and the healthcare provider

Character certification

  • All Australian student visa holders have to be certified that they are of good character
  • This means that background checks are conducted
  • Also students will have to get a police clearance certificate at the time of enrolment

The student visa document checklist as determined by the DIBP includes:

  • The completed and filled Australian student visa application
  • Completed and paid visa application fee
  • A copy of the passport
  • The Letter of Offer or the Certificate of Enrolment
  • Financial details- evidence of funds available
  • Results of the English language proficiency
  • Recent passport-sized photos- 4

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