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Professional Year Program

The Professional Year program in Australia is a 44-week job readiness program. This is offered by the DIBP-The Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection. It is managed and run by professional institutions like Engineers Australia, CPA/CA, and ACS.

The Professional Year program is a good mix of both face-to-face classroom teaching and also actual work internships. This program facilitates the transition that students have to make from a University to an actual place of work.

If this program is completed successfully, with no hitch, and the student wishes to continue residing in Australia, then eligible students get an extra 5 points that can be used towards their PR application on a future note.

A couple approved Professional Year programs authorized by DIBP include:
  • SMIPA– Skilled Migration Internship Program– This is meant for graduates of Accounting
  • ACS Professional Year – Australian Computer Society Professional Year Program – This is for IT graduates and Information Systems graduates
  • Engineering Professional Year– Engineers Australia Professional Year Program – Meant for Engineering Graduates

If you would like to enrol for a Professional Year Program, then it would be a good idea to consult with Scope Student Services to understand and know which Professional Year Program you come under and accordingly under which program to enrol.

The documents that you will require to enrol include:

  • A copy of your Passport
  • A copy of your 485 Visa or the Bridging Visa
  • Copies of your academic and educational qualification documents like any Degree, transcripts and the completion letter

Scope Student Services can place you in any Professional Year Program that you qualify or come under and our consultants will extend any help and guidance so as to help you enrol into a program that befits you in every which way.