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“English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students”- ELICOS is designed and created exclusively for international/overseas students for whom English is not their native language but used more as a second language. And the purpose of ELICOS is to help students better their English language knowledge and levels and who need good formal English language training before they start their course studies in Australia.

There are other qualifying English language eligibility programs, but the Government of Australia has created an ELICOS student visa exclusively for students to undergo the ELICOS course.

Under this, the different types of English language courses would be:

GE- General English- This course is to help better the overall proficiency in English language. The course helps improve communication skills and it starts from basic levels to advanced levels.

EAP- English for Academic Purposes and EFS- English for Further Studies- If the student has enrolled in an Australian college or university, then these courses are focused more on spoken and written English which will help students to use it in their college studies.

DEP-Direct Entry Program- This is a high-level English language program that aims to improve any student’s English language skills. And it will also help improve concentration levels so that aids like listening, reading, writing and speaking will improve the understanding and application of English.

ESP- English for special purposes- This course is meant to be a short-term course. Spoken and written English is learnt to satisfy a specific situation or to fit into a particular scenario or context. For example, courses like English used in the hospitality sector, English for business, English specific to healthcare specialists and more.