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Bachelors degree

The duration of a Bachelors degree in Australia is about 3 years. A Bachelors degree conferred by any Australian University or College is recognized not just in the Continent Australia but all over the world too.

If students want to be awarded an Honours degree, in addition to the Bachelors degree, they should continue to study an extra year in the same chosen stream. Generally, this is more or less a research project that requisites a thesis submission and then the student is conferred the Hons. degree accordingly.

Once a Bachelors degree is gotten, students can further their education with a Masters or postgraduate degree.

The qualifiers for international students who apply for Bachelors programs include:

  • A minimum overall IELTS score of 6.0 (Academic) and the sub-score shouldn’t be less than 5.5.
  • The student should have completed and cleared Year 12 or its equivalent from a recognized institution.

After a Bachelors degree, a student is qualified to seek full-time employment or can opt to study further.