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Change Courses - Change of Provider

Scope Student Services (SSS). specialises in offering expert guidance every step of the way. Therefore, as a student who has already enrolled in a course and is unsure or not convinced, or who doesn’t feel good about it and want to change courses, we can help you. If the course you are enrolled in does not match up to your skills and aspirations and if it doesn’t really fit into your goals for the future, not to worry. It is but natural to have these thoughts or to understand and have a change of heart after having enrolled. So, in all possibilities, without any hesitation, talk to the student counsellors at Scope Student Services today!

After understanding your thoughts, needs and reasons for a change, we will help you change your education provider. The one thing we will definitely do is give you better clarity and advice you to either stay in the course, continue and complete or change the course for better future. But yes, things happen, and if you are sure and have made up your mind that you want a change of course, or the fact that there is another program that you find nicer, interesting and more viable, then our expert guide will help you transition smoothly from one provider to another provider.

Scope Student Services will be your friend, philosopher, and guide!