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Certificate III and Certificate IV

Basically, certificate courses are more or less foundation courses or secondary qualifications that students opt to take. Students who have graduated from schools apply for certifications. The certificate course durations differ between colleges and it is determined by the college or institution offering these courses. But it could be anywhere between 6 months to a year or more.

Both the Certificate III and Certificate IV are purposed to qualify students or individuals who are seeking to apply a broad-based range of specific skills and knowhow in different frameworks and situations so as to take on skilled work. And this serves as a path for future and further studying and learning.

The duration for a Certificate Level III is about 6 months and for Level IV is about a year. Theoretical and practical skill sets and knowhow are imparted which is beneficial either for work or further learning.

Certificate course durations are lesser than degree programs and the minimum qualification required is completion of Year 11 in school or its equivalent. Also the IELTS score should be a minimum of at least 5.5.

Accordingly, qualifications for Certificates Level III and Level IV are located under Level 3 and Level 4 of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

In Australia, it is registered training institutions and TAFE colleges who offer certificate courses.

About TAFE: In Australia, TAFE is Technical and Further Education. Authorized TAFE colleges and institutions primarily offer a wide-range of occupational and vocational courses. These courses are oriented to learning a vocation and further seeking employment accordingly. These qualifying courses come under the aegis of the National Training System or the Australian Qualifications Framework and the Australian Quality Training Framework.