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An accommodation may not seem high on the checklist or part of the first set of things to do for a student who is planning on pursuing higher education in Australia. But it is pertinent and of utmost importance in more ways than one.

For a student to settle down in a new land, to acclimatize and accustom themselves to newer cultures, way of life and the teaching patterns, where the student resides is also very important.

For a student to be able to assimilate and to get used to their surroundings, it would be ideal that the student stays close to the college, university, or institution. The place, the location, and the overall environment should be inviting and comfortable and this will help the student settle down faster.

Since there is so much impetus and focus on where to reside and accommodation keeping in mind logistics, rents, and other expenses, Scope Student Services pitches in and helps students find an accommodation of their choice.

The different types of accommodation that we help find for students include:

  • Home stays for students who are less than 18 years of age
  • Shared accommodation- In shared accommodation students share the room or an apartment/town house/unit with another student. Utilities might be included in weekly rentals or excluded depending on what the agency or owner has to offer.
  • Rental accommodation- In rental accommodation by yourself you might be renting a whole apartment or townhouse or a unit with an agency or the owners directly excluding utilities.