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About Us

Scope Student Services is literally, in every which way a one-stop-shop that is catering to any local or international student’s, Study in Australia requisites.

We have been helping students from around the world fuel their academic, personal, and professional aspirations by assisting them obtain student visas to study in any Australian college or university of their choice.

It is not easy for students’ to be in the know of how to go about applying for visas, processing, following-up and also being aware of any changes or requirements for the visa. Students can feel lost and not know how to go about it all.

This is where Scope Student Service steps in and this is also our area of expertise and we help give students all the mileage and impetus they need. In this, we rely on the expertise of our student counsellors and liaison experts. In addition, since everything is so virtual, and as we interact with students’ from all over the globe, we have endeavoured to makes processes simpler, faster, and effective.

For this, we have designed an exclusive portal for students to share and upload documents and track and access their application process from the comfort of their homes in their respective native lands.

What make Scope Student Services stand out amongst our peers and competitors are our vision, focus, commitment and our expert core team members who envision making Scope Student Services a service to reckon with.

The Scope Student Service Process

  • Student qualifying assessment
  • Documents collection and its verification
  • Helping choose the right course and provider
  • Sharing education provider applications
  • Helping obtain the offer letter acceptance
  • Enrolments
  • Visa preparation and application
  • Any and all pre-departure services (esp. for offshore/overseas/international students)
  • Any and all post-arrival/enrolment services