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Our tagline, "Your Pathway to Success", says it all.

Scope Student Services aim is to help and assist students realise their goals, dreams and aspirations. If students are keen to study in Australia then, Scope is here to be with you every step of the way.

Over the years we have helped and continue to help students in their many scholarly pursuits which in turn is the stepping stone to a good professional life ahead.


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Here is how Scope Student Services can help you:

  • Our experienced, PIER registered counsellors advise students about their prospects in Australia as a student. We assist students to set and achieve realistic goals. We do so by assisting students to choose courses, universities and the best cities to study in.
  • Scope then assists students with the selection and admission process. We discuss all possible study options with our students and then assist you to choose a university or a college of your preference.
  • Scope Student Services serves as the perfect conduit between the education providers, students and the department of immigration. We guide you through the student visa application process, offer assistance once you arrive in the form of accommodation, availing health insurance and in short helping students settle down into a student life in Australia.

Scope Student Services adheres to the ESOS Act and also the National Code and all our counsellors are registered with PIER. We follow and are in the know of whatever is the latest, trending policies pertaining to visas and migration.

With headquarters in Brisbane, Australia. Our global offices are in Mumbai - India and Brampton - Canada. Our growing global presence is a testimony to the fact that we do cater to students from all over the globe.

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ELICOS is designed and created exclusively for international/overseas students for whom English is not their native language..

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Diploma and Advanced Diploma

In Australia, the Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses are offered by TAFE colleges, universities, educational centres...

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Bachelors Degree

The duration of a Bachelors degree in Australia is about 3 years. A Bachelors degree conferred by any Australian University..

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Masters degree

A Masters degree takes about 2 years of full-time study to complete it. To qualify or to apply for a Masters degree..

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PhD - Doctoral degree

A doctoral degree or PhD is a qualification that is conferred by any college or university on the individual who has submitted...

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Professional Year Program

The Professional Year program in Australia is a 44-week job readiness program. This is offered by the DIBP-The Department..

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Scope Team




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About Us

Scope Student Services is in every a one-stop-shop catering to any local or international students' Study in Australia needs.

We have been helping students from around the world to meet their academic, personal, and professional goals by assisting them to obtain the right program to study in, getting a student visas to study in any Australia and by assisting them to transition to their new life once in Australia.

It is not easy for students to navigate around complex immigration laws for student visa applications. This is where Scope Student Services' professional team with Registered Migration Agents can assist.

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